Forrester Strikes Back! Most Pimpable Subaru Model

Earlier this winter I stumbled accros this beautiful Forester on my way out of a local restaurant. What a beauty! The owner modified the front to add a nice hood scoop. The stance seemed low and the dark rims give this ride all it’s charm 😉


Modified Forester with Wide Hood Scoop and Japanese Plate

Is the Forester a SUV? That’s a question for another post. All we know is that this spoiler sure make this one look clean and classy.


A Nice look at the Spoiler from the side and these Black Rims make this mod work!

The Best 2015 Vehicle for mods is guaranteed to be the Forester. It’s the truck your uncle would buy for all the good reason and now it’s the ride you’ll pickup for a whole new set of different reasons.


Back side of this pimped Subaru Forester. Nice Clean Spoiler.

When I see a nice modded subie like this, I always wonder: Is this Vehicles For Sale?