Levorg or Levrog – The meaning of the Subaru model I can’t spell

According to this article (in Japanese), the name of the new concept car from Subaru is filled with meaning.

  1. LE for Legacy
  2. VO for Revolution
  3. RG for Touring


Levorg name gets criticism

The Levorg name might sound cool and clever in Japan, but in English, it is getting some criticism. Hans Greimel, Asia editor for Automotive News, says in an article about the Levorg sales: “The Levorg, which gets its mouthful of a name from an amalgam of Legacy, Revolution and Touring.” After opening on a crafty: “Rare misfire […] And I’m not just talking about the car’s tortured nomenclature.”

Japan Only

This model is not yet available in Europe or America. Only Japanese drivers are currently able to purchase the model from Subaru retailers.

We covered the Levorg test drive in previous posts. See the Levorg Model Page for all about the concept car that might come to America.